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She’s met Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama (seriously!), climbed Annapurna, studied painting at Rajneesh’s ashram in Poona, rode an elephant through a herd of rhinos.  For many years she was a world traveler, but Luna now calls Portland home.    A successful artist turned financial advisor with Edward Jones, she is also on the Board of the Equity Foundation and supports the outstanding work of Project Pooch and Living Yoga – Luna is a unique and truly inspiring woman.

We asked Luna what keeps her flourishing…

What is your favorite age and why? The year I turned 40 and gave birth, at home, to my delightful boy Hunter.  Many of the doctors I encountered in the process of getting pregnant (through insemination) and preparing for birth seemed convinced that I was too old (too old to get pregnant, to have a home birth, to do things without pain meds), but I listened to myself instead of them.  Hah!

Who is your hero? My heroine is my stepmom, Oralee Stiles.  She is the most accepting human being I have ever known.  Her approach to life is to be curious about differences and to embrace the beauty that each person has within them.  Oralee is a visionary and a nurturer.  I have learned how liberating it is to have someone in my life who takes the time to know me, celebrate with me, cry with me and marvel at the complexity and simplicity of life.  Oralee is a blossom of a woman and I  can only hope that I age as gracefully as she has.

What is your favorite quote? “The Jump is so frightening between what I easily am and what I may become.  Because of all I may become, I will close my eyes and leap.”  MaryAnn Radmacker

What keeps you flourishing? My garden…digging in the dirt is grounding, calming and satisfying.  Spending time with family and friends.  Traveling and learning about people, cultures and languages that are different from myself.  Playing games with my son.  Studying Hebrew and being humbled by the sheer challenge of it.  Having Shabbat dinners with people I love, lighting candles and saying prayers, knowing that all around the world other Jews are doing the same thing.

If you were a pair of shoes, what kind would you be and why? I’d be a pair of elegant, comfortable black boots that add sass to a short skirt and class to a nice pair of jeans.  Boots have a way of bringing a bit of funk to a classic outfit and that would describe me…professional yet imbued with a creative flair.


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