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Have you been saving a cherished bottle of wine or bubbly waiting for some Toastingspecial occasion that, so far, has never quite happened?  Well wait no more!  Thanks to Open That Bottle Night founded by Dorothy Gaither and John Brecher who write the weekly tasting column in the Wall Street Journal, you’ve now got the perfect excuse.

It seems that every year since 2000, on a specific Saturday night in February, friends, couples and groups around the world get together to enjoy a special bottle of wine or champagne that they’ve been saving on the wine shelf (or in the cellar if they’re lucky!)

This year Open that Bottle Night is Feb. 28 and its the 10th anniversary of the event.  Dorothy and John say that it really doesn’t matter if the wine is expensive or low cost, red or white, or even if it is still good.   What matters are the memories associated with the wine.

So we say gather some friends, set out some cheese and crackers and get ready to sip, swish and swirl away.

Here’s a toast to you!

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