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glamping2To be perfectly honest, although I love the outdoors and the peace and beauty of being in nature, it’s been a very long time since I actually felt like pitching a tent and rolling out the sleeping bag so I could sleep there.   For quite a while now,  my idea of roughing it has been “no room service”.   So imagine my delight when I recently discovered the latest thing in camping.   It’s called Glamping, as in Glamor + Camping.   Glamping is upscale camping in which a tent large enough to walk through replaces the pup tent, bedding takes the place of the sleeping bag, a nice rug or wood covers the  floor, and campers use real barware instead of plastic cups. In short, it’s more comfortable, civilized camping.   I don’t know about you, but as I’ve gotten older, my  tolerance for the dirt and bugs and lack of comfy slippers, a shower and a real toilet has definitely dwindled!

Glamping Tent at MaryJane's Farm

Glamping Tent at MaryJane's Farm

I’m telling you, this could be one of those life-changing discoveries.  I am so smitten with this concept, that I’m going to try to sneak in a visit to MaryJanes’s Farm B&B just outside of Moscow, ID for a fabulous, relaxing and much needed long weekend of outdoor camping bliss.   I’m really lovin’ this idea!

There are glamping locations all over the world (who knew?) some are just a step above rustic but others rival a 4- star hotel.   Check out Clayoquot Sound Wilderness in British Columbia, or the Resort at Paws Up (www.pawsup.com) in Montana.  The photo below is from Clayoquot.  Now that’s glamping!


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