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Don’t you just love those two words!  Makes you giggle just to say them.  Our upcoming Flourish event is all about being “tickled pink”, “in the pink” and all things pink & girlie – pampering, playing, indulging, shopping, eating, drinking, girlfriends, chatting, and laughing.  We’ve got it all put together into one fabulously fun afternoon in Portland’s South Waterfront at the beautiful Rilassi Coffee House.    Tickled Pink is for women of all ages who are ready to carve out a little bit of me time and get their PINK on.   Hope you can join us!

Here’s an invitation with more details or go to the Flourish website and sign up.

tickled pink flyer cc

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The Pink Phoenix Story …


You may have seen the Pink Phoenix Dragon Boat Team during the Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races.  In fact, you probably couldn’t help but notice them – they’re the team wearing pink life jackets.  You see, this team is made up entirely of breast cancer survivors.

Their name, Pink Phoenix, is taken from the pink ribbons worn by breast cancer survivors and from the mythical bird that consumes itself in fire and rises from its own ashes-a triumphant symbol of rebirth and renewal of human spirit, not unlike the renewed commitment to life after surviving cancer or any life threatening disease.

Interestingly, the team was not founded by a breast cancer survivor, but by an avid dragon boat paddler, Dorothy Atwood, who was inspired by a team of blind paddlers.  Founded in November 1996, with help from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, the first team had 25 members.

None of the women had ever paddled before. They ranged in age from 29 to mid 60s and they were in different stages of physical fitness.  This didn’t stop Dorothy. Her desire to share the sport she loved so much had her out several times a week from February through the end of summer teaching and training this new team.

The team has grown from those first 25 members to more than 80! Pink Phoenix has raced in Rose Festival every year since. In fact, the team has raced in venues around the world.

Watch this video of the Pinks in action!   Our own Flourish member Deandra Ellerbe is a proud member of the Pinks.  These are all truly flourishing women.  Go girls!  We’ll be down on the Willamette cheering you to victory.

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Laura says her life story is as easy 1 2 3 & A B C.  First she’s a wife who married her high school sweetheart and after all these years, Laura says they’re still working on their relationship.  Second, Laura is the mother of two fabulous children – both quick-study success stories in their own right and third, she’s one heck of an entrepreneur!

After a long and successful career in the corporate world, Laura traded in her business suit to follow a new life purpose.  Laura

Now this is cruise control!

Now this is cruise control!

loves people and is blessed with deep intuition.  She combined these assets to become a certified life coach.  Then, always open to life’s next adventure, Laura found a new passion in helping people live their travel dreams.  As the founder & President of Cruise Control Travel, LLC, she operates as an Independent Travel & Cruise Consultant.  Laura loves her work and it shows!  In Laura’s own words –  “I’m a lifetime student that loves to experience the products I sell first hand.  I work face to face with my clients, where I combine my 25 + years of personal & business travel experience with my strengths gained in Corporate America, in both leadership & project management roles.”

For relaxation, Laura loves to paddle her kayak on the local rivers and a recent trip to Puerta Vallarta found her zinging down a canopy-zip-line!  You go adventure girl!

It wasn’t easy catching up with this travel whirlwind, but we sat down long enough for Laura to answer our favorite questions:

Who is your hero?
Doctor Maya Angelou is my hero.  This is one special lady!  I recently had the honor of attending her live lecture at the Arlene Schnitzer, in Portland, Oregon.   Dr. Angelou shared her amazing real life lessons of courage, truth, passion, healing, suffering and sharing.  I also love that she stands in her power when she steps up to the lectern.   This great lady has mastered the power of the pause, like no one I’ve ever met before, and by that I mean she holds the pause, allowing the audience to catch up to that higher vibration that she resonates at.   Now that’s my hero!

What is your favorite quote and why?
“Remember that happiness is a way to travel, it’s not the destination”- Roy Goodman.    This quote reminds me that I have the choice to smile, I can exhale and let go of the outcome.  Actually, I now practice the “Smile Meditation” daily.  This meditation is described  in the book “eat, pray, love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.

If you could be a pair of shoes what kind would you be and why?
Hands down I would be a Saucony XT 900, this is a high-powered, form-fitted walking shoe, which was designed with a flexible steel rod right down the middle of it’s sole for ultimate walking balance.   I’m constantly striving for body, mind and spirit balance and appreciate great health.

What keeps you flourishing?
I’m jazzed by listening to or learning about real life stories from others – ordinary people that accomplish extraordinary things.  That’s why I love the Flourish network, each month I lean something new from the speaker, meet interesting women and learn something about their journey.  Their stories keeps me flourishing and ignite my inner passion to go, explore more.

I can’t wait to:
Have you join me on a very special 7-Night Caribbean Cruise, Spring 2010.   This 100% Raw & Organic conference cruise, promises to be life changing.  We are finalizing our line up of speakers which will include a famous raw chef; a renown diabetic eye doctor, and the one and only Mr. Michael Collins, whose amazing life story will be told in a television documentary  this summer.  Michael has totally healed himself from diabetes by eating organic and raw whole foods.  Enjoy “La dolce vita” on a cruise while listening to amazing stories and learning about health and healing.


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Patti Keating is the inspiration behind Intentions Coaching & Training, her lifestyle business that helps entrepreneurs create pattisoftdescwealth and abundance by expressing their true purpose and creating their own rich and prosperous lifestyle business.

Patti loves to travel and learn from cutting edge thought leaders in the personal transformation industry.  With her children at her side, life is an adventure and the world is their playground.  You might find her visiting her daughter in a Youth Hostel in Bali or exploring the depths of the Thurston Lava Tubes on the big island of Hawaii with her youngest sons.  Wherever she is, whether working or playing, there is learning and fun to be had!

Patti is one very busy woman, but she agreed to spend a few minutes with us so we could learn more about what keeps this successful dynamo flourishing.

Who is your hero? My friend and mentor, James Ray!  He inspires me to play BIG in life.  I respect how he just goes after his vision, and in the face of both success and failure, raving fans and mudslinging skeptics, stays true to his belief of himself and his message of personal transformation.

What is your favorite quote? This changes frequently, but today I am embracing “You can’t see what you can’t see.”  by my good friend Mary Kay Morgan.  It reminds me to look through new eyes, expect the unexpected, try on different perspectives, stay curious and ask for help in finding what I want.

If you were a pair of shoes, what kind would you be and why? I would be a beautiful pair of floral Hawaiian flip-flops.  Open, versatile, flexible, easy to be with and comfortable, yet still cute with a dress.

What keeps you flourishing? There are two things.  My excitement about the transformation the world is experiencing.  It is such an amazing time to be alive.  Every moment that I have with my children nurtures my soul, they are the greatest gifts I could ever have been honored to receive and having the opportunity to mirror their greatness back to them allows me to bloom!

I can’t wait to… Launch my next Mastermind Group in Palm Springs this spring.  It is my favorite experience to take people through.  I am also very excited to be moving into our new lake home in April.  Ahhhh…life is so good!

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Let your voice be on the the thousands of women joining together for this amazing and inspiring event!

On Thursday, March 5, 2009, A POWERFUL NOISE Live will appear in 450 movie theatres across the United States. This one-night event will feature the acclaimed documentary followed by a town hall discussion with panelists including Madeline Albright, Natalie Portman, Christie Turlington and Dr. Helene Gayle to be broadcast live from New York City to each theatre.

Meet Hahn, Nada and Jacqueline – A Powerful Noise takes you inside the lives of these photo_hanh12three remarkable women to witness their daily challenges and their significant victories over poverty and oppression. Their stories are personal yet illustrate larger issues affecting millions of marginalized women worldwide. A Powerful Noise is a meditation on the inherent potential of women to change the world.

A POWERFUL NOISE Live begins at 7:30pmET/6:30pmCT

Together we can all begin to Flourish!

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Can it be that laughter really is the best medicine?

Everyone’s been raving about Laughter Yoga so we just have to try it too.  Even Oprah’s team is in on this laugh.  

So how does Laughter Yoga work?  It starts with a few chuckles, grows into giggles and then launches into genuine belly laughs – and when you mix in some yogic breathing and stretches, it becomes Laughter Yoga.

We thought it sounded  like a fun way to reduce stress, improve circulation, lower blood pressure and we’re told it can even tone your abs, so we sought out Portland’s leading Laughter Yogi to show us how.

Meet our expert…Andrea Crisp is leading the Laughter Yoga movement in the Northwest.  laughteryoga31smallShe is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher and the founder of Portland Laughter Yoga and Awakenings Laughter Club.  She is also a certified health counselor and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Join us for a giggle-filled afternoon as we learn all about this health phenomenon that is sweeping the world.  All that and a great brunch and champagne too!


Flourish February Salon

DATE: Sunday, February 8, 2009
TIME: 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
LOCATION: West Side (directions upon registration)
COST: $25.00 ~ includes a yummy brunch & presentation
LINE UP:  12:30 p.m. – Brunch and connecting
1:30 p.m. – Laughter Yoga Presentation

To learn more visit us at www.Flourish-PDX.com

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jayne2 We recently sat down with Jayne to find out what keeps her flourishing.  Here’s what she had to say…

Who is your hero?
My hero is most definitely my beloved Max.  Max was my seven year old son who passed away from leukemia.  He was incredibly brave, strong and courageous.
We called him our brave warrior and that he was.  Even when he was very sick, he made us laugh, was quietly patient and kind, seldom complaining. He wasn’t worried about himself, he cared about others and how he could reach out to them.  He has changed my life forever.  Every day, I try to live my life in a way that would make him proud. I strive to incorporate all of his
wonderful characteristics into my approach to life.

2. What is your favorite quote?
I have a few favorite quotes but these two I look at every day:
“A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future.  You must
break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the
unfamiliar and the unknown”–Denis Waitley
As someone who has a hard time taking risks and stepping outside the box,
this quote is a good reminder that I need to be comfortable with feeling
uncomfortable.  Feeling uncomfortable is a sign that I’m pushing outside of
my box, growing and challenging myself.  Someone once said to me:  It’s not
about playing it safe….that’s my new motto.
“Life turns out best for those who make the best out of the way life turns
out”-author unknown.  I see this everyday as I leave the house.

3.  If you were a pair of shoes, what kind would you be and why?
I would like to be a pair of stylish, fashionable leather boots with a
great, bold design that would turn heads.  To me, leather boots are
practical, durable and able to weather the toughest storms. Yet they can be
very stylish, stand out in a crowd and say I’m bold and unique.

4.  What keeps you flourishing?
Spending quality time with my family and close friends keeps me flourishing.
I love to be connected with those I care about. I enjoy laughing hard and
I’m my brother’s best audience.  He has always made me gut laugh over the
years. I also enjoy exercising and eating well.  When I take good care of
myself, I have so much more to give to others.

5.  I can’t wait to…..
See our non-profit, Max’s Blue Butterfly, blossom with great success so we
can help  fund research to help fight childhood cancers (and hopefully find
a cure someday).  To me, that would be the best gift of all.

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