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iStock_000004638277XSmallWe’ve been so busy enjoying these first beautiful days of Fall and then it hit us.   Yikes!  Fall!  Already!  There are only 90 days left of this year!  Where has 2009 gone and oh, by the way, where are we with all our goals and resolutions?  Hmmmm. Yep, we admit it, we might have lost our focus.  And what about you?   For many of us this has been a year of just hanging on.   Right or wrong, we’ve been a little hesitant to stretch too far out of our comfort zone, take too many risks.

Here’s a thought… since we do have 90 days left, let’s just pick ourselves and that list of goals up, dust them off, and get going.   Take another look at that list.  Do your goals still feel right?  Maybe some need to be tweaked or removed altogether?   But, here’s the point…instead of thinking “too late for this year” and crawling back under the covers, why not think about what you can still create?  Now…while it’s still 2009.

Ask yourself “What one thing can I do right now?”   Start with something small and then DO IT.   Then ask the question again and you’re on your way.  It really is easy and it really does start with taking the first step!

Here’s another great idea.  Start getting your ducks in a row now and make 2010 your breakthrough year.   

Register for the  Life on Purpose Retreat.   We guarantee you’ll get those duckies lined up and paddling into high gear.

Life on Purpose Retreat FINAL Postcard FRONT-1


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Patti Keating is the inspiration behind Intentions Coaching & Training, her lifestyle business that helps entrepreneurs create pattisoftdescwealth and abundance by expressing their true purpose and creating their own rich and prosperous lifestyle business.

Patti loves to travel and learn from cutting edge thought leaders in the personal transformation industry.  With her children at her side, life is an adventure and the world is their playground.  You might find her visiting her daughter in a Youth Hostel in Bali or exploring the depths of the Thurston Lava Tubes on the big island of Hawaii with her youngest sons.  Wherever she is, whether working or playing, there is learning and fun to be had!

Patti is one very busy woman, but she agreed to spend a few minutes with us so we could learn more about what keeps this successful dynamo flourishing.

Who is your hero? My friend and mentor, James Ray!  He inspires me to play BIG in life.  I respect how he just goes after his vision, and in the face of both success and failure, raving fans and mudslinging skeptics, stays true to his belief of himself and his message of personal transformation.

What is your favorite quote? This changes frequently, but today I am embracing “You can’t see what you can’t see.”  by my good friend Mary Kay Morgan.  It reminds me to look through new eyes, expect the unexpected, try on different perspectives, stay curious and ask for help in finding what I want.

If you were a pair of shoes, what kind would you be and why? I would be a beautiful pair of floral Hawaiian flip-flops.  Open, versatile, flexible, easy to be with and comfortable, yet still cute with a dress.

What keeps you flourishing? There are two things.  My excitement about the transformation the world is experiencing.  It is such an amazing time to be alive.  Every moment that I have with my children nurtures my soul, they are the greatest gifts I could ever have been honored to receive and having the opportunity to mirror their greatness back to them allows me to bloom!

I can’t wait to… Launch my next Mastermind Group in Palm Springs this spring.  It is my favorite experience to take people through.  I am also very excited to be moving into our new lake home in April.  Ahhhh…life is so good!

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Wow, it seems a lot of your really liked our idea of posting your vision boards and putting our intentions out to the Universe in an even stronger way.  Here are a few more we received today.  They are beautiful images and you can feel the strength of the intention.  Powerful stuff.  Thank you all for sharing.

My own vision boards are on my altar right across from my desk.  They are the first thing I see when I sit down to work.  I pick one word or image and focus on that for the today.  It keeps me focused on my vision and so far…it works.






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Ring in the New Year with Gratitude!

“You cannot bring anything new into your life until you are grateful for
what you have now.”  Dr. Michael Beckworth

Rebecca Shapiro, an amazing woman and the inspiration that fuels the wonderful Portland Ladies Who Launch incubator, shared this exercise for Ringing in the New Year.   I decided to try it this year instead of my old goal list and (maybe it was the champagne – a very important part of the process!) but I was amazed when I really took time to look at all that I had actually accomplished and how many amazing people have supported me on this journey.  I raise a toast to you and wish you all a prosperous and peaceful 2009!

Treat yourself to something special and give Rebecca’s exercise below a try.  Enjoy!


Here’s a fun little exercise to get you in the gratitude mood so you
can make room for more things to be grateful for this coming year!

1. Go splurge on a bottle of Veuve Clicquot. Chill.

2. Grab some paper and slip away for 20-30 mins. I know! Just do it.
Try the bathtub if you must.

3. While sipping champagne, write down 5 things that you’re pleased
with that you accomplished this year. These are things that you’re
proud of, excited about, happy that they happened to you. You can
write down more than 5 things if you like.

4. While sipping a little more champagne, write down 5 things that you
did to take care of yourself that stuck. Meaning, you know they’re a
part of your routine now. They could be morning walks, monthly
massages, girl’s night out, bellydancing classes.

5. While helping yourself to another glass of champagne, write down 5
things that you did to invest in your business. For instance,
attending workshops, hiring a copywriter, printing biz cards, meeting
with a financial planner, going back to school.

I bet you’re feeling pretty good by now and I promise it’s not the
champagne. It’s because you took time out to reflect on all the
amazing, wonderful things that came into your life. You deserve that
good feeling because you made it happen so roll around in it for a

So here’s the trick to bringing more of what you want into your life:
once you give thanks for what you already have, SHARE it with others:

1. Find a new way to improve someone’s day.

2. Promote the great people out there and keep doing it.

3. Learn from brilliant people and share what you learn.

4. Work on interesting projects that matter to you and empower others
to participate.

5. Discover your passions and share them openly.

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“If you change your thinking, you can change your life”

~Acclaimed author Louise Hay 

vision-board-poster With the holiday season in full swing it’s tempting to start thinking about 2009 and all the possibilities of the New Year.  This year we’ve decided we are going to dream big by kicking off 2009 by creating our own Vision Boards.  We’ve been meaning to do it forever but geesh who has time to flip through photos and daydream about the future, right?   Well we are doing it, it’s decadent for sure, but we deserve it!  

 So, what it a Vision Board?   A Vision Board is a collage of images that represent the goals and dreams you want to attract into your life.  According to experts, Vision Boards are the most effective way to use visualization and “are one of the most powerful ways to work the Law of Attraction.”

 A recent guest on Oprah said her Vision Board keeps her goals constantly in her mind “It’s kind of a visual and verbal articulation of my goals…I can remind myself, you need to take actions if you want these goals to show up. It’s not a magic trick, really. It’s about you being the person who’s motivated to make that stuff show up.”

 How do you create a Vision Board? The traditional way of creating a Vision Board is by taking a big piece of poster board, scissors, glue and tons of magazines. Then the fun part…go through the magazines and search for images of your dreams, or you can even search for the right images on the internet. Cut out the images and glue them on your board.  To help make your Vision Board more effective you can to write in affirming words like “I love feeling like I am in the best shape of my life” or “I enjoy spending lots of quality time with my family.”  (Remember to put all affirmations in present form and use strong words like, “I love…” or “It makes me excited to think about…”)

At our Flourish event on January 11th Deandra Ellerbe, an artist and teacher who has led many collage workshops (always with enthusiasm and wisdom!) will guide us through the process and help us bring out our desires and our visions of the future. 



How to use a Vision Board?   Display your Vision board in a place where you will see it every day, like at your office or near your bathroom mirror. Every time you see your board take a few minutes and really FEEL as if you have already achieved the things on your Vision Board.  Think about how grateful you will feel when you have already manifested these things in your life.  Focusing on the feeling of happiness will help make your visualization more powerful…and empower your subconscious to support your new vision. You will be surprised to see the things on your Vision Board show up in your life –sooner or later- providing you keep putting your intention on them and stay POSITIVE and GRATEFUL.  

How does it work?  Vision Boards leverage the power of visualization–the process of making mental images—which has been used by numerous phenomenally successful people throughout history including Issac Newton, Alexander Graham Bell, Oprah and most Olympic athletes…who have all sworn by its effectiveness. Basically our unconscious (right brain) contains our deep wisdom and it thinks in pictures and symbols. Making a Vision Board allows us to keep our ideal images in front of us to align our desires and manifest our dreams by activating our subconscious mind.

According to experts on Oprah, visualization is “not about sitting on your couch and waiting for stuff to magically manifest in your life…You have to keep your goals clear and keep them in front of you. That’s what this vision board does for me. It makes me believe that it’s all out there waiting for me. It’s a matter of seeing it on the board and then seeing it in my life and making that connection.”

There are three reasons vision boards work “One is something called “selective attention.” “If you repeat the word, ‘blue, blue, blue,’ and you start looking around the room, all the blue things will start popping out,” The second key component is “quantum physics…we know now, scientifically, that consciousness brings matter into being where there was energy. So it’s not even necessarily that it draws it toward you. The conclusion is you’re literally creating some of this stuff.” And lastly “the vision board’s power also comes from the simple fact that it allows people time to focus and do something about their lives.”

Here is a photo above with Jenny McCarthy and part of her vision board that she showed the audience on Oprah recently.20080206_111_284x2181

McCarthy says she is “living proof that the law of attraction works…Jenny says she decided to make a vision board. She put a picture of Oprah on it along with a fake cover of the book she had just started writing called Louder Than Words.  Just one year later, Jenny’s dreams became reality when she made her first visit to The Oprah Show to talk about her son’s struggle with autism. Louder Than Words quickly became a New York Times best-seller.”

Join us as we gather to dream our future into existence!  

 What do you want in 2009?   What do you need?  How will your life look?

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